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Summer Book Study: The Emancipation of Evan Walls

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Bet you couldn't put the book down!

But just in case, let's finish up the reading and share some final reflections before our LIVE DISCUSSION WITH THE AUTHOR on August 4th at 7pm!!!

Watch for the Zoom link and invite a friend!

July 29th-August 4th – Chapter 18 and the Epilogue (pp. 257-305)

Were you surprised that Evan chose William and Mary for his college? Why or why not?

Discuss the impact of Evan’s giftedness.

React to this quote on p. 269: “You can’t build a house on a crooked foundation and expect it to settle right.”

Throughout the book, the characters find different means to escape their circumstances, identify some of the escape routes. Are they successful?

Jeffrey Blount
Kathie Huff
Aug 01, 2022

The United States was founded upon two genocides: one against Native-Americans and the other against African-Americans. We continue to struggle to fix the crooked foundations that resulted. We didn't make it crooked, but many of us have benefitted from it. It is a great American tradition to continue to work towards that great arc of justice so that everyone receives the benefits of being American in the best sense of that ideal. Teaching and working to empower our students is a critical part that we personally get to do.



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