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Join the NCAGT Board

Applications/Nominations Are Open and We Need Leaders Like you!

What Exactly Does A Board Member Do?

NCAGT Board of Directors terms last for two years. Upon completion of their term, board members may choose to run again or "roll off" of the board with the option to return later.  During their term, board members are asked to: 

  • Serve as an Ambassador for NCAGT

    • Share our mission with others, recruit new board & committee members, and share your passion for what we do with others! You are the face of NCAGT. 

  • Stay Actively Engaged in the Work of the Organization​​

    • Be present for the Annual NCAGT Conference and attend at least 75% of Board and committee meetings. ​Ask questions, make suggestions, actively participate in committee work, and participate in the annual scholarship fundraiser. NCAGT is more than a conference and we need great board members to help us serve our mission.

  • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

    • Make time to hear from and work with other board and committee members, parents, teachers, administrators, sponsors, speakers, businesses and schools.  Gifted and talented students need all the advocates they can get, and we need each other to best support them. 

Benefits of
Being a Board Member

In addition to the satisfaction you get knowing that you are making a difference in the gifted community across our state, benefits of being a board member are:

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Building relationships with other people who share your passion for gifted & talented students

  • Free attendance at the Annual Conference

  • Beneficial experience serving on a board, overseeing an organization, planning large events, and more

  • Shaping the future of the gifted and talented community in North Carolina

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Perfect. How Do I Sign Up?

As luck would have it, we are looking for you!

Parents, educators, and community members who are passionate about supporting the gifted and talented community in our state are invited to nominate themselves! Nominations for the Board of Directors are open from October 1st until November 4th. Elections take place on November 14th. More details and information on how to submit a nomination can be found here.

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