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Thought Filled Thursday: September 14

Establishing Supportive Practices for Gifted Learners


The beginning of the school year is the time where educators get to work with their students to establish routines, expectations, and--most importantly--trust and understanding between teacher and students. For our gifted learners, it is important to have an environment that is supportive so they can take risks and challenge themselves academically, intellectually, creatively, and personally. How can we make sure our classrooms are supportive? Join NCAGT and other educators around the state to discuss strategies to establish supportive practices in your classroom! Register to attend above!

Thought Filled Thursday: October 12

Keep an eye out for more details about this discussion on Identifying and Supporting 2e learners

49th Annual NCAGT Conference


We will be in Greensboro for our annual conference on March 14 & 15, 2024! Visit our conference page for details on registration, hotels, and more!

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