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Summer Book Study: The Emancipation of Evan Walls

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Week 4

July 22nd-July 28th – Chapters 12-17 (pp. 203-256)

Questions for reflection - post your thoughts in this thread!

Discuss the impact of Evan’s giftedness.

What is the author’s purpose in having football play such a significant role in Evan’s life? Why football?

What is the most significant contribution Evan makes to Patty’s life?

What are your observations about the significance of the names (people/places) throughout the story?

30 lug 2022

The 'why' on football has to do with how central it was to the author's own life as this is his story. A different aspect is how it shows Evan Walls being successful in the physical realm. He has told us about straight A's being the norm, but that's in the mental arena. With football we now see Evan Walls being successful in the physical and social worlds. Also, Evan uses his giftedness to realize that he must use his head and body to be truly successful in football.

People's names are from a time period before televised mass media changed how people name. In my West Virginia family a few generations back, people had names that folks wouldn't use nowadays.

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