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Update on Proposed Legislation

To: NCAGT Members and Community

From: NCAGT Board of Directors

RE: NCAGT Legislative Update

Update on “Proposed Legislation to Increase Inequity for Gifted and Talented Students” which was posted on May 23rd.

In response to the action taken by members of the gifted education community throughout the state, the NC Senate has planned to take out the language of HB 259 that includes, funding being tied to 4%, as well as “Definition leading to identification,” however, they are planning to keep “universal definition." Our voices were heard and you made a difference! Thank you!! We are so grateful to the members of North Carolina General Assembly who chose to listen to our concerns, reach out to begin conversations, and, ultimately, move toward language that is more supportive of gifted and talented students in North Carolina.

Additionally, NCAGT has learned that HB 259 provides an increase of $5,000,000 recurring of the AIG allotment. The program has not received an increase in over twenty years.

NCAGT wishes to extend our gratitude to the North Carolina General Assembly for the action being taken to change the wording of HB 259, and we look forward to working together in the future to ensure that the needs of gifted children are being considered in future legislation.

Please contact your legislator to:

Thank them for listening and acting on our collective voiced concerns.

 Continue to raise the concern that identification procedures should be decided at the

local level.

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