See Yourself in NCAGT

Whether you are a parent, educator, administrator, or have a personal connection to the mission of NCAGT, you belong at NCAGT! 

Your membership gives you access to members-only resources, you'll be the first to know about new content coming from NCAGT, and you'll get discounted registration to conferences and other events. Members can also run for the Board of Directors, nominate individuals for awards and scholarships, and help shape the future of gifted education and advocacy in the state of North Carolina.

We are thrilled to have you as a member and partner of our organization!


  • Individual Educator

    Educator, School Administrator, School Counselor
    Valid for one year
    • One year membership
    • Educators
    • Receipt of the newsletter and other notices
    • Voting privileges
    • The right to hold office
  • Individual Parent

    Parents and caregivers of gifted students
    Valid for one year
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Access to members only blog
    • Voting Privileges
    • Can run for Board of Directors and participate in committees
    • Parent Forum to converse and find support from other parents
    • Free & Discounted Products from 3Dux Designs
  • School Sponsored

    Valid for one year
    • Any school within a school district is eligible
    • Includes FOUR individual memberships within a single school
    • 1 administrator and 3 teachers
  • PAGE

    4 PAGE Officer Memberships
    Valid for one year
    • 4 PAGE Officer Memberships
    • Monthly Nugget and twice per year Newsletter
  • Lifetime

    • Educators, parents/caregivers, and individuals are eligible
    • Receipt of the newsletter and other notices
    • Voting privileges
    • The right to hold office.
  • Student

    Valid for one year
    • Eligible person enrolled in an AIG licensure program,
    • An undergraduate or graduate education degree program
  • Corporate

    Every year
    • Corporation or institution is eligible for a non-voting role
    • Receipt of the newsletter and other notices