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Talent Unleashed Year 2!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

NCAGT’s Talent Unleashed program provides an opportunity for participating school districts to consider why and how to provide advanced programming to the top 10% of students in every school! With generous ongoing support from the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation, we are looking for up to 8 new districts to participate in project activities!

Benefits for Participating Districts Include: Free participation in four day-long virtual workshops with national experts known for their work in identifying and supporting culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse gifted students. Topics and presenters last year included:

• Issues in Equity in Gifted Education (Joy Lawson Davis, Del Siegle, and April Wells)

• Cluster Grouping (Dina Brulles)

• Differentiation and Talent Spotting for Advanced Ability in the Regular Classroom (Tamra Stambaugh, Sandy Kaplan, Shelagh Gallagher)

• Early Childhood Gifted Education (Mary Ruth Coleman, Nancy Hertzog)

• A New Look at Local Norms for Identification (Austina de Bonte)

• New Models in Serving Gifted CLED students (Steve Fredericks, Ian Joyce, Tim DeCresie)

The grant includes funds to purchase books and materials to accompany the meetings to enhance learning and move theory into practice. Most importantly, you will have opportunities for conversation within and across districts about the need to serve the top 10% of students in every school!

Your Commitment: Talent Unleashed is founded on the idea that responsibility for gifted CLED students must go beyond the AIG program. To extend awareness, encourage conversation, and galvanize action, we require that participating districts create core teams who are committed to attending all four virtual meetings, completing brief “homework” activities, participating in the evaluation of online presentations, and creating a district plan to address the needs of the top 10%. Teams should include representatives from these branches of each district:

• Upper-level administration (superintendent, assistant superintendent, or regional leader (for larger districts)

• Curriculum and Instruction Administration

• AIG Coordinator

• Title I Administration

• Lead Principal

• Lead Teacher

Other helpful members would be student accountability data analysis, early childhood educators, equity specialists, and anyone else who is passionate about helping CLED students thrive!

For more information contact:

Dr. Shelagh Gallagher

Dr. Kristy Doss

We will accept new districts teams on a first come, first-serve basis!

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