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North Carolina Partners For The Advancement of Gifted Education

Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education (PAGE) are the local affiliates of the North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented (NCAGT). PAGE groups are parents, teachers, and others helping each other with the purpose of providing appropriate educational and life experiences for gifted children.

PAGE chapters voted in October 2001 to change their name from "Parents for the Advancement of Gifted Education" to "Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education," with the acronym continuing to be "PAGE." The name change emphasizes the collaboration among parents, teachers, school administrators, higher education professionals, and other community members that is necessary to advocate successfully for gifted children. The Standards for the Establishment, Affiliation, Operation, and Dissolution of PAGE Chapters provide the details of starting and operating a PAGE affiliate of NCAGT.

Page Standards

The Standards for the establishment, affiliation, operation, and dissolution of Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education (PAGE) can be downloaded here.  These Standards are currently under review and revision. 

Getting Started

A PAGE Chapter is a local group of parents, teachers, community members, and others interested in supporting and encouraging the development of gifted students through an understanding of their characteristics and needs and through fostering appropriate educational opportunities for them at home, in school, and in the larger community. As an affiliate of the NCAGT, the chapter receives assistance from and gives support to both the NCAGT and other PAGE Chapters.

  1. An interested group contacts the NCAGT Office for information about forming a PAGE affiliate. The coordinator will provide a copy of the PAGE Standards, sample charter, sample by-laws, and other information. A by-laws template can be downloaded here.

  2. The group forms a steering committee that meets the criteria given in the Standards, with a contact person designated to correspond with the NCAGT Office.

  3. The steering committee holds one or more general meetings to discuss what a PAGE chapter is and vote to form a PAGE affiliate. The meeting(s) should be publicized and open to the public.

  4. The steering committee applies to NCAGT to form an affiliate.

  5. NCAGT approves the formation of the affiliate and notifies the steering committee in writing.

  6. The affiliate accepts members, elects officers, and adopts by-laws. 

  7. The affiliate submits the list of officers, charter and by-laws, and the affiliation fee to the NCAGT Office.

  8. NCAGT Office confirms in writing that the charter and by-laws meet the criteria in the Standards.

  9. The affiliate applies to the Secretary of State for incorporation as a nonprofit corporation. If there was previously a chapter incorporated in the county, the new group can submit an amended charter and a new registered agent to the Secretary of State. (See procedures for reviving a chapter in the Standards. Additional information about submitting an amended charter will be provided.)

  10. The affiliate sends a copy of the approved charter to the NCAGT Office.

An application to become a PAGE chapter and Ideas for a PAGE meeting can be downloaded here.

For information about PAGE or starting a PAGE chapter, contact Jessica Applegate at ​

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