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Unique Enrichment Opportunities for Gifted Students #3

While school provides our students with a good foundation of learning, oftentimes, students benefit from outside opportunities as well, or even more so. Especially for our gifted and talented students, outside opportunities may provide them the chance to interact with their like minded peers, it may give them the chance to explore areas of study that they would not have otherwise at school, and these opportunities could be the “spark” that ignites a lifelong passion. For the next four weeks, we will share an amazing enrichment opportunity geared specifically for gifted students!


Who/What: Royal Fireworks Press is a publishing company with a mission to transform the educational experience of gifted students. For more than four decades, Royal Fireworks Press has developed curricula for both the school and the home environment, with the goal of providing high quality content that is rigorous, accessible, and engaging for learners! With print and digital curriculum, RFP has also expanded to include materials for students of all types, not just gifted.

In this blog post, we are highlighting Royal Fireworks Press’s amazing Online Learning Community, which is geared towards gifted students who are striving for academic excellence, no matter their background or environment. Furthermore, students can pace themselves through the online courses offered due to individualized learning options.

Where: Online! Head to Royal Fireworks Press’s Courses page to search for what suits your students and their needs. Also be sure to check out RFP’s virtual open houses, where online instructors explain their courses.

When: There are 2023/2024 Winter Workshops (which last 3-5 days) and 2024 Spring courses (which last an entire semester). Classes run for about one hour each. Interested?? Apply for winter and spring courses now!

The Winter Workshops are divided into 3 sessions, and each session takes place over several days. Session A is Dec 19, 20, and 21. Session A is Dec 26, 27, and 28. Session C is Jan 2, 3, and 4. These Winter Workshops have some great options to choose from, such as a debate workshop, a course on the history of the English language, and one all about time!


The Spring courses begin in January and run through May/June. Click HERE for a course schedule. Spring courses range from Language Arts topics on classic literature, to career and college writing, to algebra and geometry, to world history and ancient civilizations, to photography and world religions, and even to learning Javascript and understanding Artificial Intelligence.

Learn more about how to apply for these workshops and courses in the section below!

Why: There are so many ways Royal Fireworks Press may be the perfect opportunity for you and your student! One reason is that RFP works hard to ensure their courses meet the unique needs of gifted students, as well as twice-exceptional students. Also, the online instructors all have extensive experience working in the fields they teach, and most of them even have advanced degrees. This allows them to have the necessary tools to challenge students to meet and exceed their potential! Additionally, RFP provides flexible options for learning, in which students can sample courses, choose one or several courses, and select live and recorded courses. That way, every student and family has a learning experience that

suits them.


In the field of gifted education, there are few who have not heard of Language Arts guru Michael Clay Thompson. He works exclusively with Royal Fireworks Press works as the author of their famous Language Arts gifted curriculum and teaches a plethora of courses in the online community. Having the chance to learn directly from Michael Clay Thompson in one of his live courses, is a unique opportunity and can really enhance your student’s learning.

As if you needed any more reasons to sign up for Royal Fireworks Press’s Online courses, check out just a few of the wonderful reviews below!

“I have learned a great deal in this class but I know I have barely scratched the surface of all there is to learn about language arts. I love the literature, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation this course has taught me, and I am so excited for what lies ahead. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.” – Finn, student in Michael Clay Thompson’s MCT Language Arts Level 2 course

“My son told me that what he learns in one hour at Royal Fireworks is more than he has learned in one month at his old school. Thank you for making his transition a seamless one. He is thriving!” – Patty C.

“Thank you for providing my daughter with a life-changing art course this past semester! Zoe started each week in eager anticipation of her art class. She spent countless hours deeply engaged with her art assignments. She has discovered her love of the visual arts and feels a greater sense of confidence in her abilities as a result of the technical training developed under [Cody’s] guidance. Thank you.” – Parent of a student in an art course taught by Cody Rounds

How: For your student to apply for one or more of Royal Fireworks Press’s amazing range of workshops and courses, the best way is to go to their online learning courses search page. You can easily filter by subject, instructor, age, term, day and time; whatever your personal preferences and needs are! I recommend searching by term: “Winter Workshops” or “Spring Semester 2024”. Once you have applied your preferred filters, the results will show the course, the instructor, the age range of the course, and the cost, with a drop down menu for each one with more important information!

**Be sure to check out more detailed information about Royal Fireworks Press’s Online Learning Community by browsing their website, which includes information for parents, students, information about instructors, FAQs, Payment Options, and Reviews!

***Also, RFP has a number of resource books for gifted students, divided by topic (reading/writing, mindfulness, giftedness, and novels). My favorites include the Aesop Fables, The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck, Manifesto of the Gifted Girl, and The Spirit Walker!

Has your student experienced any of these opportunities before? If so, what should other parents know? What additional enrichment opportunities or programs have you heard of? Comment below!

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