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Unique Enrichment Opportunities for Gifted Students #2

While school provides our students with a good foundation of learning, oftentimes, students benefit from outside opportunities as well, or even more so. Especially for our gifted and talented students, outside opportunities may provide them the chance to interact with their like minded peers, it may give them the chance to explore areas of study that they would not have otherwise at school, and these opportunities could be the “spark” that ignites a lifelong passion. For the next four weeks, we will share an amazing enrichment opportunity geared specifically for gifted students!


Who/What: The Summer Discovery Institute for the Gifted (SIG), is a summer program designed specifically for talented and creative students’ unique needs. Thus, the program is centered around a challenging and engaging curriculum that helps students develop important life skills, make lasting connections, and build self esteem.

For each grade level group, there are numerous courses available for your student to sign up for. They range from a Broadway workshop to a course on how to create and decode genetics for zoo animals in lower elementary; from a graphic novel writing workshop to a course on electricity and magnetism in upper elementary; from medical microbiology to a course on artificial intelligence in middle school; from global politics and human rights to a course on quantum mechanics in high school!

Where: SIG is offered at multiple campuses on both US coasts, depending on which grade level your student is in (lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, or high school). There are half-day, full-day, commuter and residential options.

When: The program takes place each summer for 3 weeks in June or July, depending on your student’s grade level and campus location. Interested?? The application process for summer 2024 is now open! The deadline to select and formally enroll your student in their preferred program is Dec 15th, 2023. If applications are submitted by this date, families will receive priority access to course registration.

Why: Here is SIG’s elevator pitch!: Our Summer Discovery Institute for the Gifted program offers talented and creative students an unparalleled academic curriculum that is challenging, interactive, and hands-on. Students will thrive in a safe and nurturing environment while also building essential life skills – like leadership, communication, teamwork, and self-advocacy. Outside the classroom, we provide a balanced experience helping students develop friendships, build self-confidence, and embark on fun adventures.

How: To apply you must fill out an online application form that asks for your basic contact information, as well as background on your student (grade level, age, school etc.). It then asks for you to select which program you are interested in (Summer Discovery or the Summer Institute for the Gifted), as well which location your student will attend. One important part of the application form asks for “what programs/courses most interest you?”. They offer over 40 courses to choose from, so be sure to discuss options with your student and find what stands out to them! The form also asks for you to list a counselor or educator at your student’s school that can be contacted on their behalf. Things to note: for early enrollment, a deposit is required (which is refundable up to a certain date), and if you apply by the deadline, you’ll receive priority on choosing courses.

**For more detailed information about programs and FAQ’s, head to SIG’s website!

Has your student experienced any of these opportunities before? If so, what should other parents know? What additional enrichment opportunities or programs have you heard of? Comment below!

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