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Unique Enrichment Opportunities for Gifted Students #1

While school provides our students with a good foundation of learning, oftentimes, students benefit from outside opportunities as well, or even more so. Especially for our gifted and talented students, outside opportunities may provide them the chance to interact with their like minded peers, it may give them the chance to explore areas of study that they would not have otherwise at school, and these opportunities could be the “spark” that ignites a lifelong passion. For the next four weeks, we will share an amazing enrichment opportunity geared specifically for gifted students!


Who/What: Did you know that The Governor’s School is the oldest statewide summer residential program for gifted high school students in the country?! This amazing opportunity is hosted in our very own state of North Carolina and is run by NCDPI (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction)’s Office of Advanced Learning & Gifted Education.

When applying (see more information on that process below), your student will need to choose which discipline they would like to study in. There are “Art” disciplines and “Academic” disciplines.


When: The program takes place each summer for 4 weeks at two different locations. The 4 weeks will take place from mid-June to mid-July 2024. Interested?? The application process has already begun! Check with your school’s counselor for local deadlines, but the state deadline is Dec 15th, 2023. So if this is something you and your student are seriously considering, start the application process sooner rather than later! In March of 2024, selection notifications will be sent out. By April, selected students will need to secure their spot.


Where: There are two campuses for the Governor’s School, East and West. Be sure to check out the calendars (specifically June/July) on these website links to get a good idea of a week-in-the-life of a Governor’s School student.

Why: The Governor’s School offers students a unique opportunity to focus on their strengths and really dive into the skills and the content knowledge required to be an expert in a chosen discipline. Don’t take just our word for it; instead hear from a few Governor School students themselves below!

“I love learning. I can think more critically. I can understand others' perspectives. I know myself better. I am more empathetic and excited to live and be in the world."

“New doors to opportunities and potential have been opened ahead of me. I am excited for my future and the future of my learning in whatever form it may take."

“Because of my Governor’s School experience, I managed to grab a hold of some very complex Math concepts such as trefoil knots, rings and fields, and fractals. Not only that, I created new friendships with people across the state. Also, I now have an idea of what college life looks like, which will help me when I attend college.”


How: To apply for this program your student must be enrolled in 11th grade for most courses. However, there are three courses (Choral Music, Dance, and Instrumental Music) that 10th graders can apply for. There are three main steps for enrolling, along with meeting other eligibility criteria (see links at the bottom). Step One, contact your school counselor for what their nomination process is like for Governor’s School. Step Two, have your student complete and turn in their application to their school (there are 4 parts to the application). Step Three, your student will need two recommendations, at least one being from a teacher in your student’s chosen discipline. Step Four, have your student check in with the school counselor to be sure all needed application materials are submitted properly and on time. The school will send your student’s high school transcript along with these application materials.


**For more detailed information about the Governor’s School’s courses, student expectations, food and lodging, eligibility, tuition and fees, application process, and timeline, click HERE. For an overview video, click HERE.

Has your student experienced any of these opportunities before? If so, what should other parents know? What additional enrichment opportunities or programs have you heard of? Comment below!

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